Digital Marketing Strategies Need To Be Aligned To The Most Recent Market Trends

To begin with, let us understand that any kind of marketing requires consistent and persistent efforts. Market trends keep changing and if you do not keep tweaking and optimizing, your business is sure to stagnate. This is exactly why it is highly essential that your digital marketing strategies be aligned to the most recent market trends. This helps brands better connect with their target audience and provide them with value services.

Adopt a data driven strategy

More and more businesses are embracing a data driven marketing strategy. Realizing the importance of data analysis and measurement tools, they also realize that with the right data at hand, they can provide customers with better services. This data is also crucial for developing new marketing strategies and creating better ad copies, better social media content and better overall content for digital marketing purposes.

Quality content to Engaging content

The importance of quality content cannot be emphasized on enough. Today’s customers demand more – along with the quality of the content, it should have the power to hold their attention long enough to convert them. So, whether you are using blogs or articles, social media or videos, make the content worth the reader’s time. Visitors simply browse through the content – until something interests them enough to stop and read on. Compelling content not only engages but also helps sustain the attention of potential customers. This is exactly why you need to keep refining your content and making it perfect.

Focus on mobile

Digital marketing trends are no longer limited to the web. If your digital marketing strategies do not include mobiles, you are missing out on a very large customer base. Mobiles have formed irreplaceable parts of our lives and digital marketing strategies today without a mobile marketing plan are almost in vein. Google too has made mobile friendliness as a key search ranking factor in their algorithm. This makes it all the more important to have a mobile marketing strategy.

Use visualizations to strengthen your story

Captivating videos and graphics are a great way to strengthen your marketing campaigns. There’s a reason why info-graphics and feature images are getting popular by the day. Here are a few stats to support this theory:

  • 46% of the marketers agree that visuals are crucial to any marketing strategy
  • Content with images receive 94% more views than those without.
  • 55% content creators prioritize creating visual content to make it more engaging for their readers.
  • 39% of the marketers allocate more budgets for the creation of compelling visual assets.

Images and videos generally have their own search index in Google and YouTube. They help in adding visibility to your business.

Finally, the key to any marketing strategy today is personalization. You need to ensure that you meet the needs of your target customers. The ultimate goal of digital marketing is to deliver the right content to the users at the right time. Keep all the factors in mind while you plan for your next digital marketing campaign.

Performance Nutrition – Perform Better, Every Day of the Week!

Nutrition is often the unsung hero of increasing an individual’s performance. In fact, I would go as far as to say that without good nutrition you cannot even begin to successfully increase your levels of performance, whether it’s in daily life or in sport. There are many factors, from a nutritional perspective, that need to be in place even before you can start to increase your performance.

Try increasing your recovery ability with impaired gut function. You will not even begin to absorb all the high quality food you might be consuming and the expensive supplements that you are knocking back all because your nutrition is not in check. So when it comes to performance nutrition it might actually be a case of stripping the individual back to basics. So does the person in question have good nutrient absorption, a strong immune system, an adequate sleep pattern and enough de-stress time? If not then what are the chances of them increasing their levels of performance through increases in training volume and frequency. This is usually when players get ill, crash and burn, all because their nutrition and lifestyle are not in check.

So performance nutrition might in fact be a cloak and dagger word, but there are obviously factors of performance nutrition that do lend themselves to increases in someone’s physical performance. So let’s say we are working with an individual that has all the above in check, then we can look to increase their physical and mental performance with the aid of nutrition, including food and supplements. Of course there are many ways to coax the body into the environment that you want it to perform in. Specific food and specific supplements at certain times can signal the body to perform in a certain way. A perfect example of this would be during the post workout recovery period, a time where nutrients are partitioned in a certain way, when provided in the right proportions, into the muscle to preferentially induce a greater anabolic and recovery effect.

So really the above is a prime example of performance nutrition. Such a nutritional strategy thus increases someone’s performance through increasing the body’s ability to recovery quicker. After all recover quicker and we can train sooner, which then, over time, leads to greater overall increases in performance as more training practice has been performed. But what must not happen in performance nutrition strategies is skip one phase before the other. There is no point in giving an individual X, Y and Z supplement if their gut health is currently impaired. Much of the consumed supplements might be going to waste through poor absorption, so it would make sense to repair the gut, then build on top of that, as in theory you will then observe two increases in performance, one from re-building the gut and another from the targeted supplement use.

So of course there is a place for fancy supplements and specific foods to increase the performance of an individual at the right times, but there are essentials that have to be in place first. In essence you could liken performance nutrition to the art of building a house. Rock solid foundations have to be in place first before you build your fancy architectural sculpture on top. Now that is the art of performance nutrition.

Designing an E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce or electronic commerce is associated to sale or purchase of products or services online through the internet. E-Commerce generally takes place with website as a medium and a secure payment channel linked to the website. Basically in layman’s terms, there is an online store or a shop where he/she can view/search/select and purchase products, exactly as one does physically when he/she is going to a shop.

E-Commerce has been recognized world-wide for the following reasons:

1. Ease of use

2. Accessibility all across the globe

3. Great variety & easy compassion of products from different vendors

4. Trusted payment channels

5. Sit at home shopping, hence less time consuming.

All the above reasons indicate why the world has accepted E-Commerce as an integral part of business today. It is therefore very important for any new entrepreneur to understand the significance of E-Commerce and how best to utilize this tool for his/her business.

Any entrepreneur looking to put his/her business over the internet would have many questions in mind on the subject. The first and the most obvious question one would shoot up would definitely be:

What should I do to make my website an extremely friendly selling tool??

Designing an E-Commerce website is an art coupled with technical conventions. One has to be very careful and meticulous as to how one devices his/her strategies for selling online. In order to develop a dominating e-commerce website one must take into consideration the following:

1. Design a user-friendly and appealing catalog: Your product catalog is like your resume; if it is appealing, extremely navigable, and has good product info; people are lured into buying your products. Entrepreneurs must remember the golden rules- firstly people are on your website to purchase your product, and secondly window shoppers are potential customers. A user can purchase your product today, tomorrow or day after; for this you must provide the user with enough opportunities to purchase your product. An eye-catching catalog (yet not too jazzy), is all you need for your users to memorize you. The aesthetics of your website are amongst the best selling tools you have!

2. Connect it to a secure payment gateway: You must give your users enough security for their money. Highlighting this aspect can be very crucial for you. Payments take place through credit cards online, and if any user is sceptical about the money he/she is giving you, your sales are doomed! One must take supreme care that customers are well educated on the security of their transaction. It is very essential to give in a write-up on the website regarding the payments as well as the security of the transactions. Using words phrases like ‘guaranteed secure transactions’, getting in a couple of references from the payment gateway, etc. can really boost your customer trust in you.

3. Allowing users to remember you- one must make sure that if a user has come to your website he/she must not buy the same product from another website just because he/she can’t find it on yours! An extremely important feature of online shopping is giving your users an option of maintaining a ‘wish list’. Through a wish list, the user can remember the page where he/she had sighted the product of desire but could not purchase it for some reason. This way, whenever the user has the means to make a purchase, he/she can log on to the wish list and locate the desired product.

4. Cross Selling- Cross selling is another tool with the e-Entrepreneur. Here, the products can be cleverly linked to each other so as to lure the user into further shopping. For example, if the user is looking for a book on the website, the website must also be able to suggest him/her other books by the author or books related to the subject, and even the best sellers in the section. This way the user will not only be educated on the related products but will also be lured for a future purchase.

5. Up Selling- customers are generally delighted to receive special offers and discounts on the products they are looking for. The website administrator can cleverly introduce special schemes like ‘buy flowers worth $50 and get a box of chocolates free!’ Such schemes are extremely enticing for the users and generally generate more business.

One, not only has to have a complete understanding of the modules behind an E-Commerce website, but also should have a sense of commerce along with. Any website with badly highlighted products might loose on its valuable sales. Therefore it is always wise to strategize the module elements in the best way possible as well as take expert help to get best results.

There are certain vitals of E-Commerce which need to be addressed to any new E-Entrepreneur.

Let us begin with highlighting common terms associated to any E-Commerce website design & Development:

While the first three can be assumed as relative steps, the last two are basically a part the E-Commerce strategy. For designing any E-Commerce website, the web administrator has to keep these aspects in mind and then formulate the design of the website.

Up selling and Cross selling are very important tools for any Entrepreneur especially when he/she has a platform to accomplish that easily. It is obvious that one would not want a user to simply purchase one product and leave the website. What is important is that the website helps generate user interest towards other products as well. For example a shopper purchases deodorant from the website, the program should be smart enough to suggest several ranges of deodorants, most purchased deodorants as well as products from the range of cosmetics to the user. Here if the user is looking for a deodorant, and finds a good range of cosmetic products also, he/she might wish to go in for those also. Cross selling is a very useful tool for any E-Commerce website and is quite helpful for generating good business.

The success of any E-Commerce website depends on a number of factors, most common amongst which are definitely a well organized website structure and an attractive design outlay.