Learn Digital Photography – Becoming a Fashion Photographer

In today’s world we are saturated with images. All around us there are images of thin women dressed in the latest fashion. They are on TV, in magazines and all over the internet. But who brings these images to us? Who captures these photographs that command our attention, these photographs that exude style and character while highlighting the clothing to enhance its elegance? These people spend years practising the art of capturing light and colour perfectly with a camera. They spend years studying composition to make their images achieve the most impact. These people are fashion photographers.Photographers like Mario Testino are just as celebrated as models and designers in the realm of fashion. They present high-fashion to the public and have the responsibility of representing it in its best light.Money and fame may be the dream of any aspiring young newcomer, but entry to this exclusive universe is as difficult as it is desirable. To reach the golden heights that many hunger for, one must extraordinary ambition and persistence. With every successful fashion photographer, there are thousands left in the gutter promoting their work in hope of being picked up.To get started in this competitive field you must obsessively study your craft. You can never stop learning, so keep absorbing everything you find, especially in fashion magazines. There are fantastic resources on the internet. You can find books on the subject at Amazon.com. The basic equipment you will need to start out is a good camera, some standard lighting equipment and a tripod. On any shoot, make sure you have extra film so you don’t have to interrupt your flow. Research the different types of cameras and the unique looks they produce, as your choice of camera will affect the look of your work.Having a great portfolio to show off your work is vital to success. Have at least 20 photos in it to give you room to show off your skill in producing a range of styles. Developing photographs in the 4×5″ format is the best way to display your work. If your work is in a publication, use that as well. If you are having trouble getting any of these, a good quality 8×10″ will suffice. Make sure you show your ability to take photographs of different aspects of the human figure. A full figure photo with character will take you a long way.Fashion is about accessories too so a close-up partial body shot can make a great photo- say an image of a watch on a young woman’s wrist. When you apply for a job be aware that you may have to leave your portfolio there for a couple of weeks. To deal with this you should make copies of your portfolio so that you can apply for more than one job at the same time.Having an online presence is becoming an important part of fashion photography. Setting up a website with your portfolio on it could be the key to your success. Research ways to promote your website, such as entering online competitions and participating in online fashion forums.What fashion editors are really looking for is a unique character in your photographs. Every photographer captures different images. It is a good idea to learn about your art to improve your technical skills. This will give you greater freedom to express your vision.

Great Places for Kids to Experience Art

In recent years society has placed a great deal of focus on the value of art and art education. Parents who want to expose their children to art related activities can use this trend to their advantage. The number of places that offer artistic performances and exhibits are growing each year. Community events that focus on the arts are also often geared toward family fun and enjoyment. Many places that were previously considered more adult oriented like museums are beginning to plan events with children in mind. There are also many ways to experience art at little or no cost for those on a budget.Finding free local concerts that are kid oriented can be as easy as picking up a local news publication. Most newspapers have an entertainment section with listings of all the local concerts and festivals. Some communities even offer free outdoor concerts during the warmer months. Music is a great way to expose children to art and other cultures and festivals can be fun for the whole family. These events sometimes offer more than just music and will feature things like face painting and craft booths. Checking out the local theatre is another option for parents looking for art related activities. There are many plays that are enjoyable for children. Going to the theatre is a good way for kids to learn about different aspects of art that are outside of the realm of visual arts. A good rule of thumb when planning trips to the theater is to take the age of the child into consideration. The theatre may not be the best place for a child who has a hard time sitting still or is still too young to understand the theme of a play.Another great place to go is the local museum. Many museums offer exhibits that are child friendly and some have classes and workshops created especially for children. The museum is also a great place for older children to develop art appreciation and learn about the different types of visual art. Many museums also offer discounted entry fees for children and students. Some museums even offer days that have free entry for promotional purposes. Checking the entertainment section of the local newspaper or looking online is great way to find out about promotional events.School is another place where children can learn about the arts. Many schools offer extra curricular art programs for students. More progressive schools may have art classes integrated into the general curriculum. Schools that do not offer art programs will at least have access to information about different youth groups in the area. Check into organizations that promote art related activities for children. There are a great deal of youth groups that have very low membership costs.Bringing art into the home can be simple and low cost as well. Setting aside a couple of hours each week for art related projects is a good start. Making collages, playing with sidewalk chalk and coloring are all low cost ways to bring art into the home. Parents with more resources can arrange private art or music lessons for their kids. There are many places a parent can go to bring art into the life of their child. Using the resources available such as the Internet, schools and information in local publications is the first step in this direction.

Complimenting Your Marketing Budget-Using Other Avenues of Public Relations To Promote Your Company

Many companies face the same questions regarding how to positively market their business within a reasonable budget. Costs of marketing continue to increase and, as they do decisions are being made on what are the most effective methods of advertising and where you will get the best “bang for your buck.” One tool that many companies miss is the use of public relations avenues that cost little to nothing to promote their businesses and services. Most of these programs take mostly time and very few dollars. One of the most valuable advantages of positive PR is that often it is a third party promoting the company. When a third party promotes the company and it’s services the impact is more effective to the public. Another advantage is that an article written about a company can be 5 to 10 times more effective than an advertisement.One of the easiest ways to reach the public is the use of press releases. Press releases can inform the public on a wide variety of topics. These can include company promotions, appointments to positions, company involvement in charitable contributions and sponsorships, and other notable accomplishments or benchmarks. You can find out how to create press releases via the internet and by comparing press releases used by other companies and media outlets. Make sure that all your company information is included to insure optimal exposure. Once the press release is completed you should e-mail or fax to media outlets. This information can be found on websites of television stations, newspapers, magazines, and other publications. Often these releases will be picked up by multiple outlets that reach potential customers. When positive PR reaches the public about your company the exposure you receive is hard to measure. One company in Southern New Jersey participated in a Clean Across America Campaign for the Power Washers of North America (PWNA) that cleaned the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Prior to the event media outlets were contacted and television stations showed up to cover the task. That was not the end of it, the newspaper reporters showed up for interviews of the participating companies. The local newspaper carried a feature story of the company in their own backyard. The calls and response this company received would have cost thousands and thousands of dollars for the paid advertisements in the same outlets. The fact that in each case it was a third party reporting the event is more effective than paid advertisements because of the appearance of being less self serving and more like an endorsement. The next item that can happen from this exposure is instant credibility for your company. You now are viewed as a leader or even an expert in your area. Again, it is hard to measure this type of positive PRDonating services for certain causes and efforts can not only be beneficial to your marketing campaign but be personally rewarding. A common way many companies perform these services is through churches and local community groups. These groups take on any projects that rely on volunteer efforts. These efforts cost only time and the result is a long lasting impact in community PR and support. These projects can range from a community clean up day to contractor services donated to needy families in a community. The perception is that your company shows integrity and cares about the local community. These activities set your company apart from others as leaders in your particular industry. There are also opportunities to take some pictures to use in your company portfolio. This participation can also be promoted when you go to bid a job. When a potential customer is viewing your photo album or website and sees these examples it will again give you a leg up on the competition in perceived perception.Another way is to be creative like one restaurant company did. They had a country western theme with a famous singer attached to the concept so they cooked up some meals and delivered them to the local country western radio station. Now the company and their products were broadcast to the masses for nothing more than time and effort. For anyone who has bought airtime on the radio realizes the cost of this form of advertisement. Many companies donate efforts during the holidays through donated meals, gift and food collections, and many other low cost creative efforts that get media attention. It is not uncommon to hear stories where a company promoted itself by thinking out of the box and being creative. When these efforts reach the media it will make your phones ring.Many of us have an expertise or an idea that would be of interest to others. Put these ideas in writing and create articles for stories to be submitted to newspapers, magazines, or internet sources. These will help to further establish you has a leader and expert in your field. One printed story in a newspaper is worth many times more than a paid advertisement in the same newspaper. A copy of this article should be saved and incorporated in your company portfolio and promotions.These efforts are mostly time consuming and cost little in actual dollars. We do not want to forget that time is money but, when there is opportunity explore some of these options. Do not be discouraged if your first press release is not picked up. Continue these efforts as they usually score eventual results that impact you and your company in a more rewarding fashion than actual spent dollars on other marketing campaigns.