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Learn Digital Photography – Becoming a Fashion Photographer

In today’s world we are saturated with images. All around us there are images of thin women dressed in the latest fashion. They are on TV, in magazines and all over the internet. But who brings these images to us? Who captures these photographs that command our attention, these photographs that exude style and character while highlighting the clothing to enhance its elegance? These people spend years practising the art of capturing light and colour perfectly with a camera. They spend years studying composition to make their images achieve the most impact. These people are fashion photographers.Photographers like Mario Testino are just as celebrated as models and designers in the realm of fashion. They present high-fashion to the public and have the responsibility of representing it in its best light.Money and fame may be the dream of any aspiring young newcomer, but entry to this exclusive universe is as difficult as it is desirable. To reach the golden heights that many hunger for, one must extraordinary ambition and persistence. With every successful fashion photographer, there are thousands left in the gutter promoting their work in hope of being picked up.To get started in this competitive field you must obsessively study your craft. You can never stop learning, so keep absorbing everything you find, especially in fashion magazines. There are fantastic resources on the internet. You can find books on the subject at The basic equipment you will need to start out is a good camera, some standard lighting equipment and a tripod. On any shoot, make sure you have extra film so you don’t have to interrupt your flow. Research the different types of cameras and the unique looks they produce, as your choice of camera will affect the look of your work.Having a great portfolio to show off your work is vital to success. Have at least 20 photos in it to give you room to show off your skill in producing a range of styles. Developing photographs in the 4×5″ format is the best way to display your work. If your work is in a publication, use that as well. If you are having trouble getting any of these, a good quality 8×10″ will suffice. Make sure you show your ability to take photographs of different aspects of the human figure. A full figure photo with character will take you a long way.Fashion is about accessories too so a close-up partial body shot can make a great photo- say an image of a watch on a young woman’s wrist. When you apply for a job be aware that you may have to leave your portfolio there for a couple of weeks. To deal with this you should make copies of your portfolio so that you can apply for more than one job at the same time.Having an online presence is becoming an important part of fashion photography. Setting up a website with your portfolio on it could be the key to your success. Research ways to promote your website, such as entering online competitions and participating in online fashion forums.What fashion editors are really looking for is a unique character in your photographs. Every photographer captures different images. It is a good idea to learn about your art to improve your technical skills. This will give you greater freedom to express your vision.